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Chairman Li Ka-Shing. "Kwun Tong Town Centre". 17 High-rise construction was limited in the early part of the 20th century. International Commerce Centre, which stands 484 m (1,588 ft) and is the ninth tallest building in the world. 61 62 The Cullinan South Tower 270 (886) 68 Hotel, Residential.40N 1140938.26E /.3048333N 114.1606278E /.3048333; 114.1606278 (The Cullinan South Tower) The Masterpiece 261 (856) 64 Hotel, Residential.00N 1141026.00E /.2975000N 114.1738889E /.2975000; 114.1738889 (The Masterpiece). "KPF's latest green high rise". A b "The Hermitage". Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong skyline at night, taken on December 2007.


Caroline aubrey. 4 5 6, the total built-up height (combined heights) of these skyscrapers is approximately 333.8 km (207 mi 7 8 making Hong Kong the world's tallest urban agglomeration. The building is notable for its unique exterior shape as well as its lightime lighting system. It was the tallest building outside of the United States from 1990 to 1992, and was the first building outside of the United States to pass the 305 m (1,001 ft) mark. A b c "Cities with the most skyscrapers". 18 19 The city entered a construction boom in 1980, which lasted roughly until 1993. "Hyatt Regency Hong Kong". 1 The figure of 316 counts only buildings with known height figures greater than 150 m (492 ft). Archived from the original on Retrieved. Thus a building's total count of actual floors may not be equal to the number of the top floor. A b c "2 International Finance Centre". 1 2 3, a The tallest building in Hong Kong is the 118-story. "Visit : Central Structure of Skyscrapers". Demolished buildings edit This table lists buildings in Hong Kong that were demolished which once stood at least 40 m (131 ft) tall. The Central Plaza was also the tallest building in Asia from 19, surpassed by Shun Hing Square in Shenzhen. "Emporis World Building Map: Hong Kong". Hopewell Centre II 2015 Scheme. "Island Resort Tower 8-9". Kowloon MTR Tower 574 (1,883) G 102 Original proposal for the Union Square development project in Kowloon was planned to be a candidate for the tallest building in the world.

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And so on) and 13 in Hong Kong, floors may not be labelled sequentially. "Metro Town Tower 2". Sources that state the caroline hieronta seksiseura tampere number of the top floor for a building's floor count may overstate the actual number of floors for the building in question. "President / Hyatt Hotel ". As an example, one residential tower has a top floor labelled "88 but contains only 42 actual floors. 1 2 3 Due to common practice of skipping floors with the number 4 (e.g. "Kowloon Station Phase 7". "All Transaction Estates Lohas Park Phase 2b Le Prime Tower 8 L Wing". The Concrete Dragon: China's Urban Revolution and What it Means for the World. "Project Profile: Chiao Shang Building". The proliferation of multi-tower, high-rise building complexes, such as public housing estates and transit-oriented developments near MTR stations (known as rail property development greatly increased the number of skyscrapers. A b c d "Manhattan Hill". "Queensway Government Office Building". Rising 484 m (1,588 ft the ICC is the tallest building in Hong Kong as well as the 9th tallest building in the world. Access-date requires url ( help ) "The world's top 20 city skylines, m". It is possible but not definite that some of these skyscrapers are taller than 150 m (492 ft thus, it is safe to only be stated that there are at least 316 buildings that are at least 150 m (492 ft) high. "Primrose Hill Tower 3". The Harbourside 251 (824) 73 Residential.05N 1140941.40E /.3030694N 114.1615000E /.3030694; 114.1615000 (The Harbourside) Manulife Plaza 240 (788) 221642.00N 1141104.60E /.2783333N 114.1846111E /.2783333; 114.1846111 (Manulife Plaza) Sorrento 2 236 (773) 66 Residential.97N 1140942.55E /.3066583N 114.1618194E /.3066583;. Nichol, Janet; To, Pui-Hang. A b c "Central Plaza". Archived from the original.

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